The homes are bought directly from the Park of your choice. You do not need to employ a solicitor to buy the park homes as no conveyencing takes place due to the fact that you are not purchasing the land that the home is sited on.


You will be entering into a legal agreement with the Park Operator to have the home stationed in the Park and we do advise that you seek clarification over the terms and conditions of the agreement.


As Park Homes are built to British standard 3632 for residential purposes residents will get protection under the 2013 Mobile Homes Act Agreement, which is the legal document, issued between the Home Owners and the Park Operator at the point of sale. This gives residents complete security of tenure and they will be able to live in the home on the Park for as long as they wish. There is no age limit placed on the park homes themselves, the only stipulation is that residents comply with the Park Rules and pitch fees are paid when due.


When living on the park you will be charged a pitch fee or ground rent. This is usually charged on a monthly basis and covers the running costs associated with the business. This includes the upkeep of communal areas, security and any on park facilities as documented within your Mobile Homes Act Agreement. This charge is similar to the maintenance charge normally associated with apartments and serviced accommodation.

Downsizing from a family home, the children have grown up and left home and you are left rattling around in a large family home, which is under-used and has high running costs. Purchasing a Park Home will give you the opportunity to release equity tied up in your family home and be able to buy a modern bungalow style home, fully furnished with all new integrated appliances.


Residential Parks are occupied with like-minded people in a safe and secure environment. These developments tend to be private communities; most feature a secure entrance where only residents have access.

Each park offers its individual set of amenities, but generally our sites have beautiful gardens and some walks through the park itself.  We keep other services to a minimum.


When a park home is sold privately on the park the Park Operator is entitled to charge a commission based on the sale value of the home. The commission is up to 10% of the sale price, the exact percentage will be documented in the owners Mobile Home Act Agreement. This commission should not be compared with estate agent fees. The commission relates to the land value and the potential increase in the value of the home brought about by increase in land value and standard of the park. This commission is used by the park operator to maintain and improve the park infrastructure, which in turn adds value to the homes sited on the park.


There is a procedure to follow when selling your Park Home and the Government have produced several Park Home Fact Sheets to assist residents, you can find further information and copies of the fact sheets available by following this link;


UK Government Park Home Fact Sheets and Guidance

Yes, a park home can be passed on in a will. Consideration must be given that if you leave your park home to someone who is not currently a resident on the park, before the new owner can occupy the home, they must comply with the parks rules. This is of particular importance should the park have a minimum age restriction on it’s prospective residents. The heirs can always sell the home if they wish.

All new residential park homes are manufactured to the highest standards and carry a 10-year Gold Shield build award alongside of the full 1-year manufacturers warranty. Certain manufactures’ also offer 10-year warranty on all glazing along with a 30 year warranty on the park homes metrotile roof. Park homes are given an estimated life-span of between 70 – 80 years however, park homes can be expected to last beyond this figure.

A new park home is likely to need little or no maintenance during the first 10 years, other than external painting every 3 – 4 years. As with all properties, the guttering should be checked and cleaned regularly but other than personal changes, maintenance on a park home is extremely low.